[one_sixth]Snow Removal Services[/one_sixth][five_sixth]

Not only does your parking lot need attention in the summer and fall months but also when things get much colder during the winter months. Making sure your lot is safe and assessable to customers is important to having a better profit margin come winter time and what better way to ensure this investment than with COA for your snow removal.




Commercial Parking Lots

[one_sixth]Commercial Parking Lots[/one_sixth][five_sixth]

With our top of the line snow removal trucks and equipment we can make sure your lot is clean and free of snow and ice before your normal business hours. No business is too big or too small for Columbus Ohio Asphalt to tackle.




Residential Driveways

[one_sixth]Residential Driveways[/one_sixth][five_sixth]

Here at C.O.A. we know that your driveway is important to you and your family’s safety and accessibility. Nobody wants to be stuck in their vehicle fifty feet from their front door in the middle of January with a car full of groceries or small children. We offer plowing, salting, walks, sidewalk salting, etc. to make your home more assessable to all family and friends during the harshest of winter months. All accounts can be set at different triggers upon request of customer whether snow is plowed or salted at one, two, or even three inches.




Sidewalks/Apartment Complex

[one_sixth]Sidewalks Apartment Complex[/one_sixth][five_sixth]

C.O.A. Offers Full neighborhood and apartment snow removal services as well. All services for these places include include drive lanes, sidewalks or patios, salting, open carports, and dumpster pads.






When Plowing won’t quite cut it and your lot might be clean of snow but still provokes a tripping hazard, C.O.A. offers a solution to the problem. We use a top quality rock salt product that really does its job. Not only do we offer a quality salt product for your asphalt lot but also for your sidewalks as well. Our Calcium blend salt will still achieve the effect of melting the ice without damaging your concrete.